A house I would like to live in

I would like to live in a house by the sea where I can see the sun rise and set every day.

This is how I will want my house to be like. After passing the front gate, there will be a lovely rose garden. Then, the big white house comes into view. When I walk through the door, a white sitting room with a pink sofa set will greet me. Paintings of beautiful flowers hanging on the walls will make the room look comfortable and fresh.

The three bedrooms will be on the second level. One is for my parents, one for my brother and one for me. I will like my room to be painted pink. Above my bed, I will hang a big picture of ballerina dressed in white. The grey carpet on the floor will be strewn with many cushions for me to lie on and enjoy a novel. I will do my homework at my study table by the window though which I can see the stars at night.

On the highest level there will be an open space which overlooks the sea. It will be used for barbecues in the evening.

No matter how fine this house may seem, it is just a dream. What is reality for me is a three-room flat in Saigon.

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